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Let’s embrace the thing that sets Greece apart.

The power of its nations heart.


Meraki (noun)

Your soul, your love, a bit of yourself being put into the thing that you do.


It's time to shine a light on Greece.

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The Project

The word meraki means to do something with soul, creativity and love. To put a bit of yourself in that thing that you do. If you don’t put meraki into it, it’s not worth doing. Even in the face of adversity this Greek spirit is still intact, which is not surprising given its enormous influence on modern civilisation - that I feel is being undervalued. 

Greece is a magical, transformative country and Meraki Greece is a representation of this way of thinking and being. The project is the development of a Meraki destination in Greece - somewhere between a holiday and a retreat where you can return to the fundamentals of life and human 'being-ness'. Away from the limitations of modern society to discover, develop and practice your meraki. Whilst searching for this physical place I (Eleni) have begun sharing my Meraki-journey on Instagram in the hope that fellow Greeks feel compelled to share theirs. The ultimate aim is to collectively shine a new light on Greece based on the attitude of meraki that is so alive in the Greek nation. Showing and sharing the real Greece - the meraki of Greece - being echoed through its people, its places, its culture and its arts & crafts.

The House of meraki

Everything made with meraki tastes, sounds, looks, smells and feels a bit better. Your attention, your dedication, your love, you being present in thΓ‘t exact moment - that's the only thing required to live with meraki. In our busy lives we tend to lose sight of that exact moment. We are continuously living in the past or in the future. Quick, fast-paced, stress, schedules, emails, social media – hours, days, weeks, months pass by in the blink of an eye.

Meraki is a home where we redefine life purpose. 

Living in simplicity, in connection and without the pressure of time. 

Just being.


You're encouraged to come without a plan. In this open, fresh and spontaneous state of mind we believe you'll create a base again for wonderful things to unfold, for life to unfold. We provide you with a variety of tools and everything you need is close at hand. We want you to trust life to surprise you again.


From human doings to human beings.




hI  Ξ“Ρια σου  hoi

Thank you for stopping by and welcome! Here's a little about me.

Some time ago I started a blog in Amsterdam called Guts & Tales. It showcases inspiring stories from people that had followed their heart in the professional arena – they chose to make a life instead of just making a living.  Meeting these amazing individuals motivated me to take my own leap of faith. Within a year of launching I had left my job and began to follow that inner voice of mine.

I have a vision of a world that I would like to be part of and I felt compelled to somehow realise this, beginning in a place close to my heart. Greece.  House of Meraki is my first step towards this vision.

Since the global financial crisis Greece has been subject to great negativity. I feel it's time to offer and show an honest insight into the real Greece. To shine a light on the unique splendour of its people, culture, philosophy … and its innate aliveness.

I have learned that the path towards something is as important as reaching the destination itself, therefore I invite you to join me on this journey of meraki and would love to know about yours here.


With meraki <3

Eleni Karathanasi