Eleni Meraki Greece

hello  Γεια σου  hoi

A few years ago I started a blog in Amsterdam called Guts & Tales. It showcases inspiring stories from people that have followed their heart in the professional arena – they chose to make a life instead of just making a living. Guts & Tales was one of the fruits from this drive and urge to understand the meaning of life, the self, the interconnectedness of it all. A personal, magical journey that leads me everyday to new depths, understandings and realisations.

This path led me to great insights and individuals (messengers !) that motivated and gave me strength to take my own leap of faith. I replaced my illusionary safety and security for a life on uncertainty and magic. The path of listening and following my own inner voice.

I have a vision of a world that I would like to be part of and I felt compelled to start realising this in a place close to my heart; Greece. This transformative period of the country is a fruitful ground to cultivate personal transformation. Meraki Greece is my first step towards this vision

Besides my search for personal fulfilment I have an unexplainable love for Greece and wish to shine a light on the unique splendour of its people, culture, philosophy and its innate aliveness. 

With meraki, Eleni Karathanasi