More about the concept



Awake the aliveness within to feel the connection with the Universal energy wherefrom everything is possible.

We support our goal by: 

  1. Providing a beautiful space to encourage the (re)discovery of oneself and to redefine "purpose". 
  2. Offering pointers and inspiration to promote being - that transcends society’s limited constructs and dogmatic principles. (e.g. courses, workshops, books, talks, art performances, activities)
  3. Allowing to explore and co-create with others in a safe environment.
  4. Providing the basics; good food, good company, good environment, good sleep and nature!



Human connections above technology and screens

Local production above import 

Local (Greek) community above international workforce 

Ecological and biological sourcing

Respect for oneself, one another and the environment 

Knowledge sharing

Trust in oneself, each other and life  

Co-creation above individuality

Good means good for all

Seeing magic in the ordinary

Unlimitedness above limitation

Gratitude and acceptance

Honoring Kairos

Experience is the best teacher

Possibilities above solutions

Appreciation above judgements and limiting believes

Inner strength above comparison

Love above everything