the concept | philosophical

We combined the knowledge from the Ancient Greeks to the Buddhist monks, from Einstein to Eckhart Tolle, and created a simple toolset.

Light, easy & immediate-result-driven tips and tools

For you to individually get into a more tranquil state of mind a bit easier and quicker. Not only on your holiday but also to apply back home, in your day-to-day life. From this tranquility you will be able to experience life again in it’s purest form. You naturally will start putting meraki in the things you do. You actually will create space again to see and feel where you want to put meraki in to begin with. What is it that makes you feel alive? 

the concept | practical

Every morning for 7 days you wake up with a note hanging on your door.

A little gift of the day. 7 days, 7 gifts, 7 notes, 7 lessons, 7 topics.

To give you an idea. One day will be all about letting go. You’ll receive a few techniques, background info, perhaps a video you can watch, a recommendation of a book, an article, exercises you can do. You’ll receive tools and handles to let go of the things that don't serve you that day. When and where you dive into this lesson of the day you can decide for yourself. Perhaps you won’t feel like doing anything that day. No worries, it’s your holiday, your rules.

the concept | activities

We encourage you to wake up and truly listen to yourself. What do you feel like doing this new day? We'll be organising things but you decide whether you want to participate in group activities or whether you want to go on adventure on your own. We provide you with all the anchors and pointers if you wish to use them. 

We provide a place where you can just be, with all that you need close to hand. 

We are there to help you arrange whatever you feel like doing. Come without a plan and let life surprise you again. Let spontaneity be your state of mind.